Ballet Flats 101: How to Wear This Chic French Shoe Staple

ballet flats how to wear

As a former ballerina in training, I love a great pair of ballet flats.

But did you know that ballet flats for women became fashionable long before Audrey Hepburn paired them with black skinny jeans in the movie Funny Face?

While these fierce flats were popular in 16th century France for men, when Marie Antoinette marched to the guillotine in high-heels, French women declared, “Bring back our flats!”

Whether you choose a pair of Repetto or Lanvin leather slip-ins or a patent leather pair of Tory Burch or Chanel flats, you can slip on a little style and Parisian chic for work and weekend. here’s how:

1 – Mind your fashion rules. Proper proportion matters.

Ballet flats look best with long sweeping maxi skirts and pencil skirts too. When wearing pants, choose ankle-length or cropped trousers instead of palazzo pants and boot-cut jeans. For work, pair your flats with a pencil skirt and a dress with a full or A-line skirt.

2- Style rules. How to mix and match your ballet flats.

Consider your tan and black flats as a neutral shoe that will temper brightly-colored pants and flowing maxi skirts. To kick your chic skimmers up a notch, pair them with cuffed boyfriend jeans, a white tee and a motorcycle jacket.

For chic women looking to add a little Parisian style into their daily wardrobe, buy these sleek and chic shoes and wear them on occasions that demand a little something  slinky and sophisticated without slipping into a pair of sky-high 6-inch stilettos.


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